• smtinsf posted an update 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hello, I’m an ally. I’m a portrait and event photographer living in San Francisco. I’m seeking resources for a young adult to interrupt the conversion therapy he’s being subjected to in his home by his parents. They are using “When Harry Became Sally” as guidebook. He’s been cut off from all activities and all friends outside school. They pick him up at the end of school daily. He’s not allowed out of their site, and usually not out of the house on weekends. They cut off WIFI and take away his phone when he is home. They cancelled all activities and social commitments and don’t allow anyone to speak with him if they call his home. He was prevented from going to prom. They only allowed him attend his senior year of highschool next year if he recanted his decision to come out and told his school community he had changed his mind and wanted to “return to his happy normal life as Charlotte.” Please contact me if you have any experience with intervention at home, what rights young adults have, and what can be done to protect this young man from his parents. Thank you