Enhancing quality of life

Founded in 2009, the Freedom Center for Social Justice is committed to the growth, safety and empowerment of the LGBTQ community. Our mission is accomplished through education, programs, partnerships and advocacy.

The Freedom Center for Social Justice provides essential support and advocacy for trans people, elders, people of color, youth, sexual minorities and communities of faith through established programs and initiatives such as TransFAAN, the Transgender Faith and Action Network, the Do No Harm Campaign and the Yes, You Can Go safe restrooms initiative. Our vision is to help build a world where equal protections and opportunities exist for all.

TransFAAN.com builds upon the legacy and work of the trans people of color and faith who founded this effort. As the first global on-line social network for the trans community and its allies, TransFAAN.com offers opportunities for friendship, healing, learning and growth.

TransFAAN.com seeks to build upon some of the amazing work that has already been done within the trans community and to open new doors and possibilities for those who are ready to be a part of this dynamic new space.

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